Monday, May 17, 2010

What Should go Behind the Benches?

These are the choices for planting behind the benches at the Grotto. We are still in discussion about this planting. Here's Spirea. Here's Dusty Miller.
Here's Victoria Blue Salvia.

Here are pink petunias.

Panoramic view of Grotto showing the planting area in discussion. Just behind the benches .

Here's a picture that Joe took yesterday. It shows the whole thing....the Grotto, the trees and the Church behind. We are discussing what should be planted behind the benches. The building and grounds committee wants to put some spirea bushes across this area. You have to be careful what variety Spirea they plant. Some get too tall, they can get woody like a lilac bush etc. They are planted all over our downtown area...a popular bush. My idea is to plant a shrub on each point on the corner. Then plant a row of dusty miller, then a row of blue victoria salvia, then pink wave petunias in front. In the fall these plants could be removed and replaced with mums. In the Spring...daffodils and other Spring bulbs. I bought the plants yesterday, just waiting for the go ahead. Iwould like to plant these flowers now, so that they perk up in time for the dedication on June 12th.

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