Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Benches

Here is the closeup of one of the benches for the Grotto. They are the same as the caps that will top the walls of the Grotto. They are very heavy...400 lbs. Joe had these on his mind all weekend. His back was killing him and he knew that they would be delivered in pieces and would have to be put together. They needed to be glued with epoxy. He was concerned about how he would do it. I was worried too. Here he is this morning. His chair has changed..a straight backed chair to replace the camp chair.Click on the picture to get a closeup of the benches. Who put them together??
Here is Julio, making his snowball shapes out of the concrete mixture. He is working on one of the sides...just before working on the back...the last of the stonework. After this the Indiana Sandstone caps will be put in place. More about that later.

Here are the three men who came to help Joe. It seems, when you need someone to help, there are always volunteers who come to your rescue. We were so thankful for their help. They saved the day. If you are reading this...thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is a picture of the three of them, Joe, and Tom. Tom brought the benches over and has been here to help anytime Joe asked. Good people.

Well, I left the Grotto, feeling like a 400 lb. weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I know that Joe feels the same way. I tried to get him to come home, but he wanted to stay and keep watch.

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