Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Lights Are Turned On

We made a trip to St. Mary's last night about 8:15. We were going to be there when the electrician turned on the lights for the first time. The rope lights around the statue worked perfectly and gave the effect that Joe wanted. The blue color is so beautiful and accents the bronze statue.

Here is a close up of the niche with the statue. As you can tell the light on the right side didn't work. We were disappointed, but a new light will be put in this week. It's going to be perfect. Father Nnaso, Joe and I sat on the benches and talked about the building of this piece of art. Hopefully, a lot of people will use it. We've seen people sitting there and one little girl had her picture taken, in her white gown, before her first communion. It's a place for everyone to use...not just the members of our Church.
This morning (Wed.) I went over early and planted the flowers. We want the flowers to get a good start before the June 12th dedication ceremony. Check out my post this morning if you want to see pictures of what I planted... It's so peaceful can't help but say a prayer.

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