Monday, May 10, 2010

The Caps are Put in Place

Today is cold and windy again. But no rain...we've really lucked far. The colors have all been applied and scruffed up to tone them down a bit. This is what it looks like this afternoon after putting four of the caps on the walls. I took pictures from all angles. The caps were cut a little too wide. I looked, as we approached the Grotto, and I like the the deeper shadows under the caps. I think it is much more dimensional...not so flat looking.

Here is another view from the other side. Do you see what I mean about the darker shadows? Much more interesting to my eyes.
This is taken this morning. They were fitting the caps at that time. Looking at those'd never think that they are heavy. They are.. believe me. They are pinned underneath to hold them in place.

Here is another view of them putting one in place. There is concrete underneath to hold and then grout will be applied for holding power.

I want to be there when they do the very top cap. It weighs between 450 - 475 lbs. How will they get it to the top? The landscaping is going to be done tomorrow. This was all coordinated so that the shrubbery wouldn't be in the way and they guys wouldn't have to watch out for plants. I think there will be a remember the Robert Burns quote...The best laid plans of mice and men...No matter how well you plan something, "stuff" happens. Whether you are a man or a mouse your plans are subject to outside forces and will be subject to change and disruption. It's not the end of the will be beautiful when done.

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