Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Morning....

The rose bushes are full of buds. I hope that they are blooming when we have the dedication.

We went over to the Grotto last night, to take pictures with all the lights on, but they still aren't working. I think they had to order a bulb. Maybe they should order a few extra for back up.
The area behind the benches was seeded yesterday. Joe and I were under the impression that the Church was providing some shrubbery for that spot and that the building and grounds would plant and maintain them. Joe talked to Father about this and we will see what happens. I think that shrubbery would soften the area...just so they don't get too big and hide the Grotto. It's a rainy day today, but that won't keep us home tonight...we will go see if the lights are fixed.

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