Friday, May 28, 2010

A Couple More Night Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures that Joe wanted included...taken at night when the lights were working. The color blue is more realistic in these pictures. Click on them to make them bigger. Joe just noticed that it looks like a halo is over Jesus' head.
I went to the Grotto last night to plant a few more things and to water. The key that we use to turn the water on was missing, so I had to wait till this morning. I had been trying to coordinate with our Mary's Garden in colors used, but yesterday...I decided to make this garden different. I planted some lantana and some more petunias. I'll show these tomorrow. We wanted this to be colorful and by planting these two varieties we will accomplish that. I watered ...Joe went and bought me a key of my own, so I wouldn't have a problem with the missing key. The rose bushes are beautiful right now...

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