Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Just About Finished

This is what the Grotto looks like today. Be sure to click on the pictures to make them larger. You might be able to see an empty rectangle under the niche. That's where a plaque will be. The Grotto is in memory of Joe's first wife. Today it is almost finished. Caps will be placed on the tops of each wall made out of Indiana sandstone. These will really change the look of the Grotto. They are very heavy too. After those are in place the landscaping can begin. Joe has been there everyday. His back is still hurting and these last days, he is using a cane and sitting on a straight chair. Here is a view...straight on. The benches were so heavy. They weigh 400 lbs apiece. The tops weren't glued, so that they could be taken off if need be.
This is the access door on the back of the Grotto. It is there so that if something would happen that they have to remove the statue or do some work will be easier. You can see that the stones are two different colors. The stones, over the cement blocks, was the last to be they aren't dry yet.

The door was Joe's idea. It is very heavy. It has a powder coat finish, so it won't rust. Now the whole thing will be colored....all of the stones will be in different hues. I hope to see this process. The door will blend in with the color of the stones. The pavers will start to be engraved. People will be able to buy a paver to have a family member's name engraved on it. The niche, where the statue of Jesus will be, will be given it's final coat of blue and then a protective coat. The landscaping will take place on permitting. The final step will be for them to bring the statue to it's permanent home.
I just wanted to share something with you readers. I just ran across this YouTube that was recorded in Lourdes, France. It shows the famous Grotto there. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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  1. Hello Balisha,
    Just recently I came across your blogsite,and I have been watching (from Australia) the building of the shrine in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It looks wonderful, and I can tell it has been a real labour of love for all concerned.
    God bless all of you for your efforts on His behalf.