Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Morning Thoughts

I thought you might like to see another garden at St. Mary's in Byron. This is our Mary's Garden a couple of years ago. The statue has been taken down for repair...we are anxiously waiting her return. This garden is just west of the Grotto.
We are planning a reception for after the Grotto dedication. Finger foods will be served in our Church hall afterwards. I'm planning on making all kinds of Italian cookies, Pizzelles, two kinds of Biscotti, Italian butter cookies, and a Salisbury family favorite (my family) mini choc. chips. I thought these cookies would be appropriate for Joe's family.

The weather has been great since I planted flowers at the Grotto. The grass seed should do well too. The weather ahead... 90's they say, will be a challenge, but with lots of watering the plantings should be OK. The lights should be ready and operating by the first of next week. Today Joe and I are going to buy some stepping stones to place behind the Grotto. That way we won't have to walk on the mulched area as much. The stones will be round, 18 in. and made with an aggregate finish. After a wasted trip to Rockford, we found them at an Ace Hardware in a nearby town. So, that's about it on this misty morning in May. Have a great day.

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