Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Landscaping in The Cold...

Here is is almost the middle of May and brrrrrr! Temps in the 40's. I am dressed like Nanook of the North..two sweatshirts (one with a hood) a winter jacket and wrapped in a blanket. We need seat warmers on those concrete benches. Today the landscaping begins. Now I'll see how the plants and textures and colors come together. A full crew of men were here to unload the trailer and to put the plants in the ground.
I love the blue in the spruces combined with the green and burgundy of the roses. Then the chartreuse hostas set things off.

The guys ask me where I want them planted. With some help from them...I decide. I decided to incorporate the pear tree within the flower garden.

We will leave the back empty. Hopefully the Church and the building and grounds committee will plant this. I hate leaving it empty...When I do a job...I like to finish it.

Here they are positioning the pear tree. We want it the same on each a lot of measuring is done. These guys dug the holes by hand. The ground was soft, because of the it was a little easier.

Here is Joe...sitting on the bench overseeing the work this morning.

They are smoothing out the back of the Grotto. It was suggested that we plant it with a medium tall clumps of grasses. We need to be careful of electrical lines, water lines and the access door.

Here they are smoothing out the topsoil. We will have to wait for the building and grounds committee to mulch it. It will really look more finished with this application.

Here is the way it looks now. Hopefully it will be colorful when the rose bushes bloom, the hostas take hold and grow, and the mulch is down. The landscaper will come back to use a little kill the grass around the plants. It was another exciting day at the Grotto. You know, you can envision these things in your head, but when it all comes together just as you's so wonderful. I headed for home, when they were done. I came in the house and cranked the heat up. My legs are just thawing out and hour later.

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