Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Colors Go On

Here we are on a cold, cold Saturday morning. Joe and I are sitting on one of the concrete benches, when the dyeing of the stonework begins. They start out with a terra-cotta color. I look at it and think maybe it is too bright at first. They smudge the dye on the individual stones. They start adding some other colors...a mossy green and a blackish color. Chris is there with his 5 or 6 colors in little containers...applying the dyes where he thinks they will look good.
This was finished by the end of the day. The colors dried quickly in the very windy weather.
Sunday morning...
There can be no work on Sunday, so things will have to wait until Monday. When Joe and I drove up to Church, for Mass, The Grotto colors looked toned down a bit. We began to really like it. We didn't know that each of the stones had been rubbed with an abrasive to tone the color down a bit. It looks good to us this morning. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow, so landscaping can begin on Tuesday. All of these steps have been going around in Joe's mind. He has so much to deal with and I think it is taking it's toll. I do hope this gets finished this week, so Joe can get back to his normal life.

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