Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Forms are Removed

Yesterday the forms were removed from the Grotto. Joe was there early in the morning taking down the wooden supports himself. He's been so anxious to get this project going. Today he took the measurements to a stone company in Rockford for Indiana sandstone caps for the top of the walls. They won't be able to work on it again until Monday. Hopefully the weather will be good.
Joe selected two trees to plant. They are Chanticleer Pear Trees. on each side. I am planning the small gardens on each side. Probably Hostas and 3 rose bushes in each garden. We haven't decided on the rose bushes yet. It all depends on the size of the planting many plants we will need. There will be pavers on the ground that can be engraved with names of people to be remembered. Benches in memory of Joe's Dad and Grandma. There will be more information down the road. It's only just begun.

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