Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010 Another Beautiful Work Day

Today was a very productive day. Everyone showed up to work on this project. The sidewalks, that will lead to the Grotto, were dug out. So lucky that the weather is cooperating. This couldn't have been done, if it had rained.

The block wall was finished in the back of the Grotto. The opening is where the statue of Jesus will go. The electrical work began today.I'm anxious for the stonework to be started. It should be an interesting process. Joe thinks that if all continues at this speed..they may be finished by the end of the month. He was there most of the day again. We took a drive this afternoon and drove up to the Church from a different angle. What a beautiful sight...the St. Mary's Grotto is taking shape.

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  1. This really is moving right along, Balisha! I love coming to check out the pictures. The hostas and rose bushes will be so pretty, too. Glad the weather is cooperating.