Friday, April 30, 2010

The Grotto ...One Month From Breaking Ground...

Here it is...doesn't look like there have been any changes. But yesterday the trim, keystone, and concrete work continued. The keystone (triangular shape at top of niche) wasn't cut properly, so Joe wanted it replaced. Yesterday they put the new one on and it looks much better. Do you see the wooden support at the bottom of the niche? Joe invented that, while doing some woodworking. He was going to have to hold a cabinet up, while he screwed it into the wall. Knowing that it would be heavy...and I was his only helper :) ...he came up with this ingenious idea. The wooden support was placed under the cabinet, at just the right height, and held it there while he affixed the cabinet to the wall. They cut the support to size and used it again, while building the Grotto. Here he is....deep in thought. His mind just whirling with things concerning this project.

Father Nnaso came by and we visited for a while. Joe was at home. We talked about how Joe had gone through every detail of this project...right down to the kind of washers and screws to use. Father and the people who work at the Church have followed this from every step, just as we have. They look out the windows and take a break to come outside to see for themselves this Grotto being built. To think that we only broke ground on March month and it's just about finished.

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