Sunday, April 25, 2010

Camera Problems and Rain

Been having trouble with my camera....grrrr! Guess I'll have to just tell you what has gone on since my last post. The concrete sidewalks were poured on Friday. All went well, but then they had to scramble to cover it all due to showers. If only they had poured the day before. The sidewalks are OK on Saturday. Just a small crack that has to be repaired. It's raining today off and on, and it is Sunday, so no work. Hopefully tomorrow work can start again and the trouble with my camera will be history. Have a nice Sunday.

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  1. I am enjoying the progress on the Grotto. Mike is very talented in his job and your picnic sounds wonderful. Sorry about the camera. I meant to tell you, we watched the movie about the Polish Pope and enjoyed it very much.