Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15, 2010

Looking at this doesn't seem like much has been accomplished since the last pictures. You can see the lights have been put in and the gravel has been put there.. in layers. The larger gravel on the bottom and then a fabric was put down and then a finer product on top. The fabric was laid to keep the finer gravel from filtering down through the first layer. Then the area was tamped down. This is all preparation work for the pavers. Joe is on his way, right now, to the stone company, to pick up the pavers and benches. This is a heavy load and requires a flat bed truck. From what I understand...the pavers will be put in place, and then covered with plywood to protect them, while the stonework is being done. What a many details to take care of. Joe has been there be available to answer questions and just be there if needed. There is no shady place for him to sit. Today, the weather has changed, and will be cooler.I have noticed that there is more community interest now that the Grotto is taking shape. People are wondering what this is. Other Churches are looking with interest. People driving by slowly and waving. The hope is that people will stop and sit there for a few moments and meditate, slow down the pace of the day, and maybe say a prayer. It isn't just for members of our Church...anyone can use it. This has been months in the planning and a lot of tedious work for Joe. Things seem to have just fallen into place on this project. The people who are working on it are doing a good job and all get along. I think that this project is going so smoothly because of ...Divine Intervention.

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  1. You are probably right about the divine intervention. It is going to be such a lovely place when finished. You need to give Joe one of your trusty green chairs!