Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Grotto Today....April 22, 2010

Work didn't start until this afternoon. Joe was ready early and had to wait for them. These guys are getting the sidewalks formed, so that they can pour concrete tomorrow. It's supposed to rain in the afternoon. I hope that they get an early start. I went over to mark where the gardens will be. Mike will kill the grass and then put black dirt on top. We used a spray paint and made an arc, by measuring and putting dots of paint and then just connect the dots. Joe decided to have the nursery plant the trees and shrubs. That will alleviate some work for us.
This is how the curved edge looks today. Mike put black dirt all around the curve to finish it off. We may put mulch in the area next to the curve. Probably nothing will be planted there. I think that wave petunias would be nice. They would do just great with all the sun. We'll see.

I think it is so cool, how the corners are done. Pavers are cut and fit in just so. It makes for a very tidy look.

This is how the paved area looked before the black dirt was put down. It's beginning to look like a Grotto. I hope they can pour the sidewalks tomorrow. After the weekend the stonework will start. It should be very interesting....I hope to be there when it all happens. The finished paved area will be covered with plywood, so that nothing happens to it. As I write this...Joe is lying down. He was really stressed out, when he came home today. There are so many details for him to attend to. Remember that he is 74...hard for him to be there all day and have to deal with all the problems that pop up. I took him a strawberry shake later in the help him keep his cool. :)

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