Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Grotto Work Continues...The Pavers... April 19, 2010

The weather has been great here in Byron. The work on the Grotto progresses a little each day. I was shopping in Rockford yesterday and had just got home when the phone rang. It was Joe asking if I wanted to watch something neat. "Come on over and bring a chair," he said. I hurried to the car and loaded my chair and camera in the back. When I got to St. Mary's, there was only one worker there. I will call him "Meticulous Mike" Just the kind of person you want...doing the job of putting the pavers down. The paver area was all smoothed out and ready for Mike to do his magic.Every thing was so precise. It has to be perfect to fit these pavers in the pattern that Joe chose. One corner at a time. He can't be a fraction of an inch off...or it will affect the whole thing.
Everything measured out and squared off. It was interesting to watch this guy start to work then stop...you could see the thoughts going around in his head. Every step was well thought out. He is meticulous...

This section is a difficult application. The lights are the round circle areas. He has to get these pavers to fit so that each light is the same. I'll take more pictures when the light area is actually done. There were nubs on each paver that made fitting more difficult. He and Joe left to get a blade...so that he could cut them off each paver. Putting them down, one by one, a job that is hard on the knees. Kneeling on brick all day...glad it's him and not me.

I think that he will finish the pavers...maybe today. Then he can pour the sidewalks. Hopefully we won't get rain. I'll tell more about the finishing of the pavers tomorrow. I was really glad that I went over to watch. This is developing into a very interesting project for our Church. A lady stopped by yesterday and said that she had visited many Grottos in her lifetime. She wondered if this could be a tourist attraction. I don't know the answer to that, but it will be a beautiful addition to our Church and hopefully many people will use it. Joe and I are so excited about this ...he spends many hours a day and I do my best to keep things going at home. When he comes home, he is spent. I have worried about him, but it does no good. He's a man on a mission right now.

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