Monday, April 12, 2010

And the Work Continues

After three days of not working, the work once again begins. I don't know the correct terminology, but this is a wall being built of blocks for supporting a door that will be behind the statue. It will be put in place and will be a locked access door, so that if they ever need to work on the statue...they will be able to do it easily.... otherwise there would be no way to get at the statue without harming it. Today was a great day for working on this. The weather was perfect. I went over to take this picture and watch for a bit....helping out at our Mary's Garden, while I was there. Joe stayed all day and he's home and tired tonight. He is really dedicated to this project. People in our Church and people in town are watching, with interest, while this is being built... from the ground up.
Some decisions were made about the plantings around the Grotto. I ordered a couple of Dwarf Spruce trees and six pink rose bushes...three for each side. I already ordered some little hostas for the border. More tomorrow.

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