Friday, March 26, 2010

The Grotto Work Begins

This is an architect's rendition of what the Grotto will look like. Joe has made some changes since this drawing was made. You can get the idea of how it will look, however. Work is beginning on the Grotto project. Spring is here and the ground is ready. I will post pictures and information as the work progresses on this project. It is an exciting time for Joe and all concerned. When the Grotto is completed, we will select trees and plants to put around it. Come back again and check on the progress.
Balisha and Joe


  1. Hi Balisha, Just came over to check out the new blog. The Grotto is going to be beautiful. I know you both are very excited over this project. I shall return...

  2. Thanks for visiting, Judy. We are getting ready for an exciting week. I'll keep putting pictures up as they are taken.